How would you feel if more mental clarity, creativity, and energy was felt after forty days of 3 simple exercises?

Healing is a process…I know when I started out twenty years ago training in New York City with Kundalini Yoga I could barely sit still.Is there something you can set aside right now in your life to take 12 minutes out of your day to do powerful meditation? I choose only the best for you! These three fundamental exercises are what kept my clients coming back for more!

“Heather’s programs and methods of getting to the roots of my lifelong patterns has been the only efficient way of releasing old habits that no longer serve my life”

Jan Hogenhaut

You will benefit from this basic 12 minute brain class if you:

1. Have had a concussion

2. Were in a car accident

3. Were physically hit or abused

4. Experience mental fog

5. Experience the start of memory loss

6. Want to be challenged

This Class will teach you:

1. One breathing exercise to isolate and stimulate right and left hemispheres of the brain. 

2. A Four Step Neurological Physical Exercise (Game changer in the brain!)

3. One chanting meditation to clean the frontal cortex of the brain so you can gain mental clarity, memory, and focus. (This meditation went to Congress in 2003 showing if you did it for 40 days you would begin to gain more memory)

“Heather is not just great at meditation and kundalini yoga she is a healer. I hired her for private sessions because my chronic pain issues were deep. But if you can’t get physically to her – all her programs bring value.  She is a true teacher I call her the “Goddess of Cure.” 

– Larry Basilone, CEO, Basilone Executive Search and Staffing 

Course includes:

A PDF file with pictures and a teaching video with Heather instructing you on how to do the protocol correctly.


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As a wellness practitioner and owner of a holistic center, it is of critical importance to me to bring only proven products and experienced teachers to my clients. I had previously heard of Electrolyzed Reduced Water, and even sat in on a full presentation about its benefits, but I wasn’t convinced.

When Heather presented extensive clinical studies and PubMed research on the healing properties of this water, I came to appreciate its full value to me and my client base. In a similar fashion, Heather opened my eyes to the powerful wellness effects of Kundalini Brain Protocols I have practiced it with fantastic results.

Both the Water machine and Kundalini Brain Reprogramming have helped me both personally and professionally. Furthermore, many of my clients have experienced significant health improvements from use of electrolyzed reduced water and/or Heather’s customized programs.

I highly recommend Heather’s work and respect her experience, passion, and knowledge in both areas.

– Anita Scaglione, CMTPT, LMT, Power of Touch Wellness, LLC