“The mind is everything. What you think, you become”

Healing emotional pain and control issues can be scary at first then liberating…it certainly was for me…

After being anorexic I moved into having a sugar addiction that led me to being obsessed with looking “perfect” and pushing people away. Usually this type of behavioral pattern occurs if you felt “controlled” or “manipulated” by someone in your past. Whatever the reason is for you feeling depressed, stressed out, and maybe out of control…

Healing with specific Kundalini Yoga Chants and Meditations that have clinical research will give you tools in rewiring old programs.

“A year after doing Heather’s Release Anxiety Program I am still healed, and my life continues to get better and better”

– Meryem Mammedova

If you feel fixated or addicted too:






Those above fixations are a distraction from an underlying pain that you suppressed to survive. Unfortunately, that old program stops you from living and feeling your best! With this program you can take your time healing, write in a journal, and rewire the roots of your habitual patterns. 

“After a few months of zoom classes regularly and eventually adding weekly private sessions, I was able to stop taking medication.  My behavioral therapist was astounded by my rapid progress and she happily released me from her care. I just “woke up” and started questioning everything about my life and what I wanted for my future. I highly recommend Heather’s programs and know she puts value into everything she does”

– Melissa Halgas